BOBO(Bubble balloon)


BOBO, short for Bubble Balloon, is a revolutionary and innovative type of balloon that has taken the world of balloon decor and celebrations by storm. Unlike traditional latex or foil balloons, BOBO is made from a special, high-quality stretchy plastic material that gives it a remarkable and distinctive bubble-like appearance.


Product Description

The most striking feature of BOBO is its crystal clear, transparent surface, which allows you to see through the balloon, creating a mesmerizing visual effect. When filled with helium or air, it forms a stunning, seamless sphere, giving the illusion of an ethereal bubble floating in mid-air.

BOBO balloons come in various sizes, from small to jumbo, catering to different event needs. Their large sizes are particularly captivating and can reach impressive dimensions while maintaining their buoyancy. The transparency of these balloons offers a unique opportunity for creative decorators and event planners to experiment with different filling options, such as confetti, feathers, LED lights, or even smaller balloons, creating captivating and magical displays.

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